Quality vs Quantity link building? Need advice.


Nov 9, 2017
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Hey everyone,

So I have a siloed affiliate site that I have been working on for about 8 months and I have been link building here and there, but I have mostly been focusing on long informative content, social sharing, and on-page SEO.

The content my site has is much better than any of my competitors and same with my on-page. I have articles that I rank for in the top 3 without any backlinks and many in the 10-20 range as well. But, my backlink profile isn't the greatest.

I bought some PBN's near the beginning, blog comments, paid for people to gather relevant guest blogging opportunities and some authority links that cost more. Some of the PBNs were pretty bad so I asked the webmasters to remove them just to be safe.

Now my question is, how do I find a balance between quality vs. quantity? I understand that quality links will always out-do quantity but I don't understand the power of these links. For example, if I buy 5 high DA links from authority niche relevant sites will they be more worth it over finding package services at a lower price?

The 5 links might cost me $800 vs. going to the marketplace and looking at link building packages that get me more links for $300. How does 1 link from a high DA relevant niche site compare to buying one of the better packages in the marketplace? How do 50 more expensive authority links compare to packages that would get me 500-600 links over time?

I have a lot of solid content that is 2500+ words and I really want to push it to the next level with my link building. My competitors have tons of links but they are extremely spammy, and not good quality at all. They just have a lot. I'm just not sure how the best way to go about would be, I have money saved, just wanted to see the best way to approach this.

Thank you.
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Mar 22, 2010
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Quality and quantity do now fill the same purpose. Quality, it is clear what it does. Quantity is to diversify your link profile, such as increasing RD, getting varied anchors, varied linking IPs, hiding PBN in the mass (if not blocked), etc. So for an average niche you should not only have quantity, or only quality, but a mix.

Therefore price is not the concern as this would mean comparing apples with oranges. Just operate within your budget with reason.


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Apr 9, 2017
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Give a little more info..

-What is your current backlink profile? RD, quality, target (homepage vs inner pages) etc

-How much content you have on your site? Buying keywords only or informational articles as well

-how much traffic you recieve daily?

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Oct 29, 2010
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Both serves its unique purpose. You actually need both but prioritize quality first before quantity.


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Nov 12, 2014
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Agree that both, quality and quantity are important. Quality backlinks are powerful signals of value & trust for Google, and quantity is used to push ranking afters.

Actually, when providing some researches few months ago I was surprised with some sites which receive 100s of thousands visitors from Google on a monthly basis. Their main strategy was to build quality links for few months or so, and after that to spam with thoudands of profile, forum etc. links.

And, results (increase in organic traffic) were outstanding. So, first they worked on trust signals, and then with quantity they got big boost in otganic traffic. I'm takling about big real sites in edu niche, not some fake and wannabe projects.