Quality Videos + Time + YouTube + Adsense = ? (Money, Is It Possible)

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    Hey Guys,

    Im a YouTuber since a year now and have knowledge about How YouTube and Adsense work.

    So, First ill tell you guys, what exactly I have been doing the whole year!!! Please Bear it!!!

    I started my YouTube Channel Back in January, 2015 and also opted for Adsense got it and was connected then to my YouTube Channel
    I made about 22 Videos and the niche i selected is comedy
    I made all the videos all by myself with a DSLR camera as am having a Video Editing Knowledge as my key skill
    I have about 6500 Views in Total
    I made 1.60$ in about a year
    All the views I got was by friends and family and by some Facebook sharing
    I never paid for getting views
    I never even used the Google Adwords for getting more views

    Now what really troubles me is - Should I Really Stick To Doing It The Way Im Doing It

    Cause im not making any money out of this

    Need some suggestions for earning through Adsense + YouTube

    I did dig a lot of threads and got many answers but It would be really great if you guys could tell me
    how can I make atleast 100$ a month out of my YouTube and Adsense

    Thanks!!! Cheers!!!
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