Quality Traffic + Quality Product = $$$: A Simple Equation To Making Money Online

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    Hello fellow BHW members.

    Lately it seems there have been a lot of threads posted from people asking how to make $10 per day, how to succeed at XYZ method, basically people that have no idea where to start. Because of this I wanted to post a quick thread to hopefully open a few peoples eyes into how easy it can be to make $$ online. I also realized I just hit 800 posts so I figured I would try to give a little something back since BHW has taught me so much!

    Note: This isn't intended to be a step by step method showing exactly how to make $XX,XXX per month but more of an informational post to the newer members of this forum.

    So where do I begin? Well making money online can be broken down into this simple equation

    Quality Traffic + Quality Product = $$$

    While this may seem ridiculously simple and obvious, pretty much anyone making money online is applying this equation in some way or another. Basically, your goal as an internet marketer is to match relevant traffic with relevant products and profit. Let's go ahead and define the variables of the equation

    Quality Traffic:

    Because our goal is to match up products and visitors we need to make sure our traffic is relevant to the product. It obviously makes no sense to send a 20 year old college male to a product teaching women how to get pregnant. So when I say Quality Traffic I essentially mean targeted traffic. The more targeted you are able to get the more quality your traffic is going to be and the more $$ you can make per visitor. The more money we can make per visitor the more efficiently we are going to use our time. When trying to figure out what quality traffic would be in your niche think about what these people are searching, where they hang out online, their age/sex/job/location etc. The more you are able to define your traffic the better.

    Quality Product:

    Because we now know what quality traffic is we need to make sure we send this traffic to a quality product. Quality product is something that is going to be relevant to your traffic and converts well. The product doesn't necessarily have to be a "product" but it can be things like a zip submit, an email optin, a free download, basically anything as long as the visitor is taking an action that you want them to take. Essentially its a conversion and what ever the conversion is is determined by you.

    Traffic Sources

    There are a million ways you can find quality traffic and there are countless methods on this forum explaining how to do this but to give you guys an idea where you can find quality traffic here is a list:

    Adwords (Yahoo/Bing too)
    Content network
    Media buying (Think sitescout)
    Offline marketing
    Email marketing
    Affiliates (if you own the product)
    and a million more ways to drive traffic

    Product Sources

    There are also a million different products you can promote, so here are just a few ideas

    Commission Junction
    Affiliates Networks (Max Bounty, Peer Fly etc)
    Zip Submits​
    Free Trials​
    Create your own product
    Amazon affiliate
    Your own optin
    Your own _____________________
    and a million other things you can promote


    1) You're a local SEO guy in your home town. Your QUALITY PRODUCT is the services you offer. Your QUALITY TRAFFIC can come from: SEO (keywords of people searching for SEO in your city), PPC, direct mail (local businesses with poor SEO presence), referrals (clients, friends) etc

    2) You're a ClickBank affiliate wanting to make some extra cash. Your QUALITY PRODUCT is a high converting, high gravity weight loss product. Your QUALITY TRAFFIC comes from media buys on fitness sites, YouTube product review video, a facebook page about health/fitness, SEO on a weight loss tips site

    3) You're someone working on building a nice email list. Your QUALITY PRODUCT is a slick looking landing page with an email optin. Your QUALITY TRAFFIC comes from SEO, PPC, media buys, YouTube, a JV etc.

    I could go on and on and on with examples but hopefully this gives you guys a general idea of what to do and how you can make money. Take this equation and read some of the AMAZING methods and guides on this forum. This post ended up taking a little longer than intended but hopefully it helps some of you guys.

    Enjoy :)
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    There is soooo much information out there that it is easy to get lost. This is a fantastic thread to help one focus on what is important.

    I have printed out your formula and it is now displayed above the PC and in my wallet.

    This applies to Offline sales as well!

    Thanks and Rep given
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    Glad you found the post useful, and your completely right, it can be difficult to get distracted on all the "noise" out there and loose track of what's most important!

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    Thanks for writing this simple but powerful explanation about what's happening on the internet marketing today. Just my personal tough but I think this is worth to be sticky thread. A place where newbie can start their step in the beach before surfing deeper to the ocean of making money thread.