Quality Over Quantity - High PageRank Links?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by macromj88, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Hey BHW,

    We all know the obvious sources to get high quantity anchor text links from lot's of unique IPs: articles, directories, bookmarks, profiles, web 2.0, etc - it's no mystery at this point.

    But what about after you've done all this and you aren't ranking. Your competitors have hundreds of high quality links from themed websites in the niche, with high pagerank.

    What are ways to get those kinds of links, quality/pagerank/themed?

    Would love to hear what you all are up to with this stuff... :)
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    Well in my mind there are a lot of niches out there not worth the trouble. You have to look at the ROI and decide whether or not it is really going to be worth going after.

    If you can not get higher quality links from actual PR pages and do not want to purchase them you can create them yourself.

    Take those articles you have on the article and web 2.0 sites and backlink the hell out of them, by doing this you can create high PR pages that are linking to your site.

    Buy some domains that already have PR and create a group or groups of blogs with articles linking to your site. The blogs do not have to be completely about your topic as long as there is a good post with plenty of content that has links to your site. I have started doing this recently with some really good results. Building them in groups of 10 and linking to some of my sites. To make sure that there is no footprint I put them on a variety of ip's and different nameservers and use private whois info. To further reduce the footprint of having all the links go to my sites and recoup some of the cost involved I sell some spots in each group.

    If you have just one or maybe a couple of sites then creating a group of your own blogs for may not be the best idea from an ROI standpoint. Your best bet in that case is to take those articles and possibly other links you have an build them up over time so that you have a bunch of higher PR pages linking to your site. You can give any page some PR but you want to make sure that you are working on a page that is not going to be deleted so your work does not go to waste.
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    I have done some researching. And i found out that sometimes even no follow links or NO PR sites are very valid. As long as they are very relevant. But you have to have some PR links to gain some traffic too.

    I also found out that if you want rank good in Big G's SERPS, target yahoo results. At first i was a bit confused but. Then I finally get it that Big G and Lil 'Y has to work together to have a power ranking site. Based on the high ranking sites that i have use as a subject for my research they all do have and share the same pattern of backlinks. There for i conclude that it has to be balanced. Quantity and Quality has to be balance.

    Obviously know one will believe me right now. But do a little research on those high ranking sites. You'll see....

    Oh by the way there is this thing i notice on blog sites. They use free word[press] templates that has the authors site on it. THus making the authors sites rank the along the site that uses it template.

    Cheers....hope this will be informative to all BHW users and raise the competition even better. ;) Remember you heard it here first. "bannedfree" is giving some love.
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    Hi macrom,

    Good question. I don't bother much with most of those that you listed,
    mainly because I don't compete with the WH'ers; (broad terms with useful
    content LOL).

    Well, how did they get them? Either they bought them, they got a link
    exchange with them, or those sites are linking to your competitors because
    your competitors are worth linking to. If I wanted to compete with the WH
    crowd, I would really have to come up with some content that out does them.

    There are certainly BHs here that are successful in those areas and I'm sure
    that they will chime in, but, for myself, I go for the longtails. So, when I am
    not ranking, I have to reassess my targeted keywords. Also, if you have
    1,000 longtail pages that are ranking, you might not get rich from them, but
    their PR adds up as they all link to your homepage, so building more pages can

    Lastly, I have noticed in the last 12 months that having my keywords
    anchored on my own page multiple times is more valuable than
    incoming PR. My tests were all done with rare longtails though.

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    High PR is not necessary, highly relevant to what your niche is the most quality aspect.