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Looks very interesting, especially the "human" thing. But before I order can just have a bit of trial visitors just to analyze the behavior of those visitors to tweak my landing page.
Can you clarify what kind of campaign setup you recommend to make sure you see a consistent flow of visitors in a 24hr period?
@CristianDIOR - drop me a PM with the details please and I'll arrange a trial for you.
@linkinincubus - to receive a 24 hours coverage for a non-adult order it'll have to be 3k per day or more. Drop me a PM if you have any more questions.
Good luck!
I need purely real traffic - no bots, no alexa cheap traffic, no exchange systems,etc. Interested in buying huge quantity for many of my sites live. The traffic has to be from USA/UK, not from russian,china,India.
It must be very much targeted based on my niche which will be told through PM.
Traffic has to be Adsense safe, and low bounce rate.
If all conditions are matching, kindly arrange me a trial of about 500-1000visitors from USA/UK
Also talk me through skype- rahul_vyas1

@snipez264 - we can certainly provide that. And plenty of it too. Drop me a PM if you'd like a small trial first.
Good luck! :)
Hi, do you do sexual health medicines (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra)?
The "which websites allowed" page states you don't do pharmacy sites, but there is an option to choose Viagra on the "niche" section.
@eskiz & @stfng - drop me a PM with the details please - I'll see what I can arrange for you :)

Good luck!
Hey Hello

thank you very much :)

I send you the details in pm!

thanks again
I want to send traffic to a forum post, is that possible? Send me a code for your smallest package. Need it for 2/17
Hello I sent e-mail to Webtrafficgeeks Support about cancel pause my website one week but Now I didn't e-mail back. (campaign 7583 and 7585) and you can sent traffic from campaign 7585 and 7582 to campaign 7583 because two campaign google is ban. Thank you.
Can I buy a "trial" of 1k visitors (country/niche targeted). I just want to see if the traffic convert on my website before start buying 10k.
@bourbon - please drop me a PM with details and I'll arrange a trial for you. Tasty nick btw ;)
Good luck!
NLhead38 was kind enough to send me 1k targeted US visitors to test his service. 98% was US visitors, the bounce rate was pretty low and the average time of a visit was almost 2 minutes.

The visitors clicked on some of my links but I didn't had any conversion for now.

I will surely recommend this guy as he deliver very fast.
Will it increase the Bounce Rate and decrease Time on Website?
Will it increase the Bounce Rate and decrease Time on Website?

From my experience, the traffic has very low bounce rate, the average time spent on the website/visitor was around 2 minutes and the average pageview/visit was 3.

Hope that helps you.
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