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    Please tell me:
    - your Per Post Rate
    - how many different titles and post bodies i need to create
    - if you can guarantee a 3 hour non removal policy (i saw some people on here offer that)
    - your reporting methods, so I can verify you did the work.
    - your limitations, daily volume, content type, category, how long u can keep ads up before ghost/removal, etc. And I will work around them.

    Details of what I am trying to post:
    - posting in the Free Section->DVDs, other sections are considered also
    - I do NOT have my own PVA Accounts
    - A text only, no images posting, with a text link
    - my volume will be based on your price, i will start off with a small order, if it is good, then it will be a large daily order.

    Looking to start this ASAP

    From what I have read, seems like doing Image Only posts are much more successful, so I am open to doing Image Only posts as well. Thanks
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