[??]Qu. from Noob (Need a Reliable partner)

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    Dec 22, 2008
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    Here are my 3 domains:


    First two really carry a great value.As i am not able to maintain these alone,also not have a great experience, I just would like to know from you guys what can i do with these domains to make money?
    Finally i decide to go with joint venture so that i can use it properly to earn money with my partner/partners ;)
    I can also provide hosting:)

    Now..If anyone interested for joint venture{obviously wise and Old member from BHW},Please just mention from how many ways we can earn money and what can you do to make these domains become cash machine. :cool:

    All i need a person whom can i trust from my heart..lolz

    Any type of suggestions and Ideas are appreciated.
    Thank you..

    {btw..sorry for my bad English}