[Q] What's the best way to get link from tumblr.

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    Sep 6, 2014
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    Recently i've scraped for some nice high pr tumblr domains which are able to re-register and i have found few to get started.

    Now i'm curious what's the best way to link from those tumblrs to our money sites???

    To place spun article and place link in the artice?
    To upload picture and place link in the description?
    To upload picture and place link in the content source?
    To place quote and place link in the content source?
    Just to post link?

    Another question.

    Once re-registered the tumblr blogs have no content at them... Its better to add some pictures first or i can go without them?

    Another one.

    How many posts should i make per one tumblr blog. (I mean on posts containing link to my money site)

    Last one.

    Is it okay if i register the blogs on one tumblr account? Or i should go 1 blog per 1 account...

    Maybe noobish questions, but i really want to know what's the best.
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