Q: Structure of Authority Travel Affil (Tickets, Vacations) Website?

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    Hey guys!

    I'm building authority website about traveling (on Wordpress), which should be monetized via affiliate - tickets, vacation rentals, hotels, ....

    I don't want to build site like everyone does, I mean with big landing page on HP, where you just need to fill your destination and when do you want to travel.
    However, I'm still thinking about structure - How it should look like?

    I think I want to have 5 main sections - America, Europe, Asia Africa and Australia. Each of this section will have its countries in it, eg. Europe - United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, ... and each country will have specific informations about that country, eg. United Kingdom - Cities, Points of interest, History, Food, Sports, Tickets (affil), Hotels (affil), Tours (affil), .... - All targeting specific "money" keywords
    I think it should be done via Wordpress' Pages. Posts are definitely worse in this situation and I think Pages can rank better than Categories, because of the content.
    These Pages will be pillars of the web, converting visitors and making money.

    Then I'll add some magazine-ish blog with different categories, where I will post some tips, guides, news, ... to target LTK and power up pillar Pages (by inter linking and directing visitors to them).

    So, what do you think? Is this structure user-friendly, simple? Would you build it differently?
    Please, let me know, all comments are much appreciated!

    P.S.: This website won't be English.
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