[Q] Should I Join a Network? Give Me Some Advice!

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by boleklolek, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Hello Guys,

    I'm looking for some advice, I have a gaming channel with 2500 subs in my country language and its growing ( slow grow but its something ) and now my questions is, sometimes I upload funny videos compilation too ( dont know if it matters )

    My question is should I join a network like fullscreen? (heard its good) Its 2 year contract (thats what scares me) am I obliged to something if I join them? Maybe anyone here is with fullscreen?

    Or maybe I should *try* to join my country own MCN to get most from the ads? What you guys think?

    Give me some advice Im trying to be serious with my youtube channel I want to grow it and I upload my own content that is 100% unique besides one thing.. my funny videos compilation but as we all know everyone uses same videos in their funny videos :D

    So give me some advices guys, please
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    I wouldn't commit to a 2 year contract, who knows what changes in that time. Our network (PM if interested) has no lock in and you can leave with 30 days notice.

    There is not real advantage of joining a network in your country for higher payouts, *unless* you are a big star and the network can get you local direct advertiser deals.

    Funny videos is quite dangerous though as many videos are licensed by failarmy and jukin etc and they are quite aggressive with claims... still if you have good sources for compilations it's a good topic.