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    As you can see from the title I am curious how does this system works with those sites.

    I am registered on one store in my country, and when you publish your product there is a way to get it sponsored.
    To get your product sponsored you need credits.

    You can either buy credits or earn them by sharing your product on facebook.
    Whenever a user from facebook visits your link you get 1 credit.

    Now I am thinking how do they track this ?
    Do they check the source from where the visitor comes, or what?

    Once more, I am just curious about this so there is maybe someone here willing to share words about this process :)
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    If the purpose is to track how many visitors you generate with your share, I'm guessing they must have somehow given you a unique URL to share and then they just track based on the hits to that URL. If they just wanted to check if you shared the one time, they could use the callback on a FB.ui dialog.

    If they also look at the HTTP referer then they can see that a visitor came from facebook. The referer will look like:
    http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=[your url]
    The problem with tracking via referer is that in the odd case where a FB user right/ctrl clicks on a link to open it in a new tab or window, in most browsers the referer will not be preserved and it will be blank. Even more rare, but still possible, is a user's anti-virus or browser extensions messing with the referer.

    They may not be aware of these little referer caveats, and therefor not accurately counting visitors, or maybe they don't give a shit and are just counting all unique hits to your url (in that case you could send traffic from anywhere). One other possibility is that they are incrementing the count if the referer is from FB, or if the referer is blank.
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