[Q} how to make quick $30 and cash it out via paypal? pls help

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    i need top pay my vps in 5 days. i really need quick money.

    what i know?
    i know how to drive traffic from social media, (facebook,twitter,instagram)

    i am currenly making $20 - $40 per day on OGAds + CPAGrip but on OGadsi have not submited my Tax Form yet because i dont have any idea why and i don't have TIN / SSN or whatever number because you need to be like 18+ years old to get that. and on CPAGrip i will get a payment there but it will be on April 1st. which is like 20+ days from now. i really need quick money to pay for my VPS ( i have installed followliker,and alot of bots there so i can't loose it). i know how to drive traffic from social media and also know alot of stuff about social media. can anyone suggest me a network or anything that (you drive traffic / or do whatever about social media) you get money, you cash it out without waiting for 30 + days? pls help tnx.

    pls no suggestion of offline job or whatsoever, i already have read alot of it already.
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    SSN# is provided at birth if you're born in US, you don't have to be 18+
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