Q: How to bypass google restrictions on firearms niche?


Apr 3, 2017
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Anybody can help me out here?
How can I use google Ads for my benefit to drive traffic to my e-commerce website?
I tried running a campaign but google says it violates their policy, i have another website that is not banned yet, but I don't want to get ther.

same goes for facebook ads.

Any insights, tips, strategic ideas will be happily accepted!!!
Cloaking can help you but i am not sure about firearms. You need to contact cloaking service support to check if they allow you. Check one in my signature.
Can you explain more about cloaking? and how does this works?
Fraudbuster.im gives you 2-week free trial, which you can try.
In simple terms, with cloaking your potential visitors are directed to your firearms site (money site), while bots and google reviewers are directed to the safe page that does not have or is remotely related to firearms. Since this is a restricted niche, you wanna check whether you can add any keywords at all - you might need to request exemption or they might not be allowed to promote on at all.
Your problem is, your ads are not passing on google test. Once it passed it will run and start your ads.
I am a google certified AdWords expert. I can help you to run your e-commerce ads on google. And All other tasks on AdWords. Let me know if have any questions.
Skype: shawondas0
My problem is google restricts the website content and not the ads it self...
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