[Q] Guide for Winning Paypal Disputes as a Seller?

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    Hey guys

    Isn't it time to gather our heads together and give the advice for the ultimate topic for PAYPAL digital goods SELLERS.

    This means everyone who's involved with:
    1. An online service (Membership sites, restricted forum access, etc.)
    2. Legit Ebook selling (not copy + paste from DP shit)
    3. Other digital media that is sold for $X amount (e.g. your precious script)

    So what is the best solution and answers to give to Paypal when disputes are:
    A. Unauthorized charge.
    B. Charge back noted from the bank/CC company
    C. Product not received.
    D. Product not as described.

    I think it is time to start an ultimate topic for people to post their advices on winning against these scamsucking c*ckbastards that NEVER feel consequences from doing online fraud!
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    A chargeback from the cc company for unauthorised transaction means that you're fucked, and you're unlikely to get the money, ever.

    As for almost all(if not all) virtual products, paypal usually side the seller on virtual products.

    For virtual products, just fill in the tracking information and put the virtual delivery method including all its details and just submit the damn thing.

    Monkeys working in paypal will go through the details and realize that it's virtual, and you just won the chargeback.. it works everytime...

    The only prob is fighting directly with the credit card company. For paypal, you can bullshit your way out to win a virtual product chargeback.
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