PVAs + Proxies Advice Needed

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    So I need to start approximately 10 FB accounts (Twitter also).

    FB PVAs

    1. What is the most reliable place to find PVAs and when purchasing, does the buyer usually have any say over basic info like name, login emails, and other characteristics?
    If not, are these things easily changed (I don't want to be stuck with some email address associated with the account that I didn't personally create)?​

    2. What is the best place to get PVAs?


    1. Is it still true that it's best to use 1 proxy per account and private proxies are the most reliable?

    2. What is the best place to purchase private proxies and do they ever change?
    If they do change, is this going to be an issue for FB?

    Any other sage advice you guys can offer on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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    FB PVAs

    Usually i provide accounts with the email, so customer will have access to email if he needs it. I think that's very important part. Also you should inform provider which names, locations, amount of friends you want to have. In other case you will need to change inforamtion of account by yourself, but it can be a lot of work.


    1. Yes, it is 100% true , that you have to use 1 proxy per 1 account, It is the safiest way to run facebook accounts.

    2. Proxies for facebook must be stable, that's the rule.