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    Feb 3, 2009
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    I am thinking of a service and wonder it flies or not.
    1a-I am going to creat CL PVA with gmail,unique US IP and US VOIP phone number.
    1b- same for Canada CL PVA with gmail, Canadian Ip and Canadian VOIP phone number.
    2-I will provide private proxy to clients so they can post on CL.
    3-I will hook up with another trusted company for US VCC, debit card and money wiring service.
    All the necessary service under one roof. Therefore, no missing link in between and no excuses from various service providers. This will be a members only service and most likely a SMALL CLUB. The price to be lower than outside service. In return I will take a cut of the profit.
    Note: VOIP works in Canada. I tried ONE account with Kijiji and CL already.
    Looking for response, suggestions and criticism. Everyone is welcome.
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    Nov 14, 2008
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    Not a bad idea but if you are getting in the PVA selling business, you need to beat the market price and also have a lot of PVAs in your stock because they sell like hot cakes.

    Btw I think this you should discuss in the lounge because here it's about making money online and sharing money making methods.
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