Pussycash affiliate programs is a fraud STAY AWAY

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    Pussycash affiliate program is the biggest fraudster in the business. Pussycash uses a sneaky pixel tracking code that steals your leads not giving you all the credit and ultimately stealing your commission. Don't waste your time running traffic to their offers.Then when i asked about the shaving lead the response i got from pussycash and that ugly bitch running the show saying dont ever open accounts with us again.They know they are guilty of shaving your leads but will never admit when you ask and even show proof. So they close your account and take your commissions.

    In my the next post i will post the actual code that these fraudsters are using on their affiliates to steal commissions and leads. Again stay away from this affiliate program and dont run traffic to their crappy sites and offers.There are better programs out there.