Pushing affiliate cookies to ~100% of visitors, without breaking affiliate TOS.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm making a wordpress referral website with the goal of getting people to sign up for a program.

    I've got a long cookie timer, so I want to get it on the users asap in case they sign up after leaving my site.

    I was thinking of having some sort of popup triggered on page load that opens my affiliate link in a new tab to deliver the cookie, then allows the user to continue browsing my site to sell them on the signup (or at least potentially get them interested).

    From what I'm reading page-load popups are ad-blocked unless the user initiates it with a click or other action. So i need to figure out how to maximize through traffic to my referral link without adblock getting in the way. I'm considering solutions that open the page on the first click. Maybe have an overlay that comes up and when they click the close button it opens a tab? Maybe some sort of click jacking so it opens regardless of where they click?

    I'm struggling to figure out the best method for this. Ideally I want to hit every single visitor with the cookie, but I don't want to straight up cookie stuff w/ invisible frames since i'd like the users to actually visit the referral link. (not to mention i don't want to risk getting booted from the program)

    I'd like to use wordpress because it so simple to get going but I'm not afraid to go with something else if nice non-wordpress method gets suggested. I know things like click jacking are annoyingly difficult to pull off in WP. If anyone knows of a WP plugin for this sort of thing that would be absolutely amazing.

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.