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Discussion in 'General PPC Discussion' started by robbiedont, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Not sure if this is in the right place.

    I was thinking about starting a PTC website, any suggestions on where to get the advertisers from???

    Is there any money still to be made from PTC?
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    adscendmedia has ptc offers that pay out 5 or 6 cents per click. You can pay your users 1 or 2 cents per click and keep a nice profit.
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    I can give my experience when i tried PTC sites many many years ago.

    All i can say is that if your doing just straight PTC, not surveys etc. Then you absolutely need to be able to geo target. Otherwise you get chinese syndicates that just sign up and have trillions of accounts and really cost you a bomb.

    Make sure, that your referral rates, will still break even. So for example, when your working out how much to pay your users, and how much to give to referrals, pretend that every user is a referral. Dont throw out some random number like i did, because in the end no one finds these sites by accident. They are all referred by another user.

    Advertising wise, back in the day heaps of people used to post in the traffic section of DP and used to make a few dollars there. But without geo-targeting, you will go the wrong way and fast. You somehow have to keep the quality of your users very high, so that the advertiser gets an ad click or something along those lines. There needs to be a ROI, otherwise no one will buy from you again.

    The thing about PTC traffic, is that everyone knows it's for the most part, crap. Its rubbish for ROI, and can only really be used as junk traffic. But unfortunately nowadays there is cheaper ways of getting junk traffic.

    Im not pointing anyone out, but many many people nowadays sell "Legit, Real Human Visitors NOT PTC". When in reality it is PTC and Traffic Exchanges. I mean hell, some of them even say "No Framebreakers". Whats the reason for that? Other then selling PTC traffic.
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