PTC Method, users are your prey!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Total Noob, Jul 1, 2009.

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    So, everyone has heard of the thousands of PTC sites, most of them scams. A lot of people click on the advertisements for pennies, and this is where we come in.

    - Email submit CPA offer
    - Verified PayPal account
    - Ability to iFrame an email submit - optional.

    First, go to a site like NeoBux or ValueBux and create an account. You won't be clicking, don't worry, you will be an advertiser. Now on NeoBux I reccomend buying "mini" clicks - the user only has to view the ad for 15 seconds, but it is half the price. If you are short on cash, start off with 500 mini clicks for $5.

    The title and subtitle need to be catchy! If you're using a website that has both, have the title be "which do you like better, option a or option b?" - and then your subtitle should be something like "win a $500 dollar sears gift card!". If you only get a title, squish it together.

    Now you need to create a "voting" page, somewhere where people can vote for their favorite thing. You can choose this to be anything, from flavor of ice cream, to their favorite PTC site (the one you are advertising on or another one). Create two options, Yes and No - keep it simple!

    Now, when they click either yes or no, one of your two options you give them, they are redirected to your email submit offer. This should be iFramed to something like "Thanks for voting! Now just enter your email address to [insert creative incentive here]." Or if it's not iFramed, just put the real one, such as the $500 sears GC.

    And there you have it! The best part is that you won't get clicks from people who are already actually making decent money off of the PTC sites will not click your ads! All they need to do is click the ads that are up every day to make their money daily and won't give a shit about an extra cent. Bonus: Put email submits about touchy topics, like if MJ was a good singer.


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    PTC fun fact: almost all the sites send bot visits. neobux might be one of the few exceptions.
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    Not to rain on your parade, but I seem to remember when I did PTC I clicked the ad and the minimized the page and continued to read whatever I was reading and thus not actually seeing the ad.
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    PTC=CRAP seriously the traffic is like bots and peeps not interested, all the little gpt and ptc sites are like for dumb kids my age looking for pennies! :)