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Psychographics Tool... Social Profile Analyzer

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Elissa, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Elissa

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    Jan 22, 2015
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    Hey everyone... a competitor in my industry is using a tool that can analyze your personality with great accuracy using your social media profiles. I get the feeling this is a BH tool and Im on the hunt to figure out what it is.

    This is the info he gave to me that it pulled from my social profiles (and its very accurate):

    Elissa is friendly but naturally skeptical, appreciates informal conversation and gets bored very easily.

    How to win Elissa's trust...

    Debate frequently and objectively

    Always prove your points with data

    Challenge them with facts

    Promptly admit when you are wrong

    When speaking to Elissa...

    Start conversations with a problem to solve

    Remain stoic and objective

    Provide your reasoning before you get to the bottom line

    Ask lots of questions to keep their attention

    When emailing Elissa...

    Send lots of extra information (like links and attachments)

    Use data to prove a point

    Provide lots of detailed information and instructions

    Ask them something that will require a long and thoughtful response

    When working with Elissa...

    Use logical appeals if you argue

    Schedule meetings at a precise time

    Do your homework before a meeting

    Offer blunt constructive criticism

    When selling to Elissa...

    Expect them to ask lots of questions

    Make sure you're prepared for tough questions

    Use visual aids to explain your product

    Ask a tough question or issue a challenge

    It comes naturally to Elissa...

    Invent something

    Question the authenticity of an advertisement or sales pitch

    Verbally challenge a bold claim about a product

    Experiment with many solutions to a problem "

    Anyone know anything about what tool this could be?