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PSMS's.... no wait for payments!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by berrycorp, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest


    i have been looking into premium SMS's as a payment solution...

    it has its problems and good things...

    the two things i dnt like is the steep fee... something like 50% that everybody is asking for..

    and 60-90 days wait time!!! thats a real bummer! i'll go bankrupt if i offer it coz of this!

    and i REALLY wanna offer this! i love the ease of the thing!

    is there any company that can help me out! the payments i accept r gonna be huge..! n i mean HUGE!

    any dedicated solutions or something out there?
  2. freqout

    freqout Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    San Francisco bay area
    There will always be a delay with this sort of payment due to the provider having to wait for payment from the cell phone company who is waiting for the consumer to be billed/pay. You need to eat the delay if you want to be in this sort of business, have some cash cushion between payments, ie initial investment.
  3. berrycorp

    berrycorp Guest

    is there anybody out there that can lend me money against this money in my account?

    banks do this... but i dont think i can explain this to my banker..! my person credit limit is only $250k

    i'll need atleast a cushion in credit availability of close to 1mil ready if i take the plunge!

    any suggestions of somebody who can issue me this kinda numbers as credit?