PrStorm - IT WORKS!

well i need to know if the software prstorm should say url harvester in it when i download it. It seems to be a rar file and when i try to unzip the rar file the programs i tried (2 different rar file unzip software) they are asking me for a password sayign it was not sucessful and also that its the same password used for all the files in the software. can someone tell me exactly what i should do with harvest software? if prstorm is inside of that file also? if not where i get prstorm from without it being a zip file so i dont get this unzip password problem for it also. Please respond asap someone I am so egar to do this now that ive read this entire 5 page blog for the past hour :). thanks fam.. cheers
use the google search function to find sites ... create ur own list.. i learned that from a thread in here a while back, search around and u will find it.. explains it fairly well and allows you to almost target the type of sites that would link back to u
Better idea is to use the PRstorm to 2nd sites and then link from them to your main site. This is much safer.

Hey Carnagge this is good suggestion and got me thinking.

Have you or do you think can be effective or just as effective using web2.0 as those second sites bookmarked pages or even 2.0 sites like hubpages?
Well look at my post a few posts above, I explained the problem with the "bot-detection" of Google. We need a good URL Harvester with Proxy support! Anyone has something handy?

Although I have not tried this yet maybe one might want to try this using "multi-proxy" filled with a few decent anon proxies in it's list. hxxp://www.multi**loads.htm
Very controversial software.
I'd love to give it a real go, but I'm worried my site may get banned. Better to do it on a cheap junk site, which you don't mind if it gets banned.
I don't know...maybe I'm too dumb, because I don't really understand how to make this thing works. I run it many time but nothing happen to my targeted website.
Well if google will ban you for that, then use it for your competitors :/
I guess G will not ban you.
I used PRStorm on two of my blogs few days ago and still i didn't got ANY backlinks, one blog didn't even get indexed in Google yet :/
Use PR storm, use it on a daily basis with 5,000 urls .. you will not get banned as i used now for about 3 months... :)
I harvested my own URL's and created my own proxy list. I will let you know how it goes.

My list is rather short compared to the one that it comes with, but it is a targeted list. So it will hopefully increase my PR for the niche.
Do be carefule when using this tool.

Someone I know got banned by Google just last week because of this. I thought about using he tool but decided to hold off until someone I could trust gave me an honest piece of feedback!
Snowwhite if you have not already you could read my thread here it seems to be working for me

That may help you but early days still

I have set up two more sites like this, I think it will be 2/3 weeks before i see any results from the last two sites, (these are new domains so have to get into the index to start with)the traffic is still increasing on the first domain i setup
All these are site are rss ripped feeds and have a buffer site between them and my money domain just in case the big G slaps them hard
You know what pisses me off.

It's okay for Google, or any other search engine to use a robot and appear on millions of referral logs but we show up on a fraction and that's "spam". I call total and utter BS.
I tried this tool on one of my sites, and didn't see instant results for a few weeks. For several months, I ignored it. After revisiting this thread, I decided to check my backlinks for that testing site and noticed I had quite a few. Interesting.
does PRstorm still works nowadays? anyone here still using this?
I'm trying it out, not sure on the best settings to use though.
I still use PrStorm for all my sites! It's one of the best tools I've ever found for sure, and if you use your own lists it is very very effective.
This tool looks really interesting... I'm also interested to find out the best way to harvest the URLs..
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