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I initially tested their 100-trial pack, and all the IPs provided were of elite quality. However, when I purchased the 1,000 US proxy pack, I noticed that around 60% of the IPs were at an anonymous level and were easily detectable. Some of them even appeared to be public proxies.

I wanted to share my experience, and I would advise against relying on the trial proxies as they seem to provide a selection of the best ones for testing. The actual quality of their proxy pool is considerably lower. However, it's essential to consider your specific use case because their prices are quite affordable, so some compromise may be necessary.

I'm a bit disappointed because the trial proxies were elite, but the IPs in the real pool didn't meet the same standard, which doesn't seem quite right.
I am trying their trial offer, for me proxies are not working, I am getting err_empty_response, support said they cant help, I tried authenticating and using their proxies with 3 different isp's and different devices, they work for first few seconds and then gives err_empty_response. i don't know whose fault is this, are proxies actually not working or is there any issue at my end. I have few proxies from different provider they working super fine for me. any help would be really appreciated


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