Proxy Situation and Dillema

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by rampage, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Where to begin...

    What I need is a method of maintaining an updated list of working elite proxies (300-500). I have around 15,000 proxies that need to be tested every hour and the good proxies saved to the file (imagine a scheduler).

    I have evaluated many of the programs out there and there is one software that seems to be a great fit. #1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier 1.1. The program is actually really impressive and could provide me with the solution I need. Unfortunately, it appears that the product has been discontinued and the cracked versions do not work properly. Actually it is really frustrating because after successfully testing over 15k proxies at 300 threads and providing great detail and scoring, the damn program would not save any of the results to a file or clipboard (clipboard would not be viable but still...). This could be a result of the program being cracked. I would buy the software but the site is down. This option seems to be out the window.

    I have tried Charon - a great program but it I can't find a way to automate it.

    I checked ProxyFire - looks pretty interesting but I can't find a way to automate this either. I also tried HellLabs Proxy software but again no automation. I've tried several other programs but no luck.

    So, I said F it and I'll write my own program to manage the list. I wrote a script that downloads proxies from the web, inserts them into a database, and uses a multi-process HTTP request to verify the proxies and update the status in the database. Then the list is published to a PHP front-end for working proxies. This solution "seemed" to be a better solution that any of the commercial ones (except the one that didn't save :rolleyes:) but the there are two flaws. First, in PHP, there is no native multi-threading and a multi-HTTP request approach is not optimal. Second, I really should be retesting proxies and keeping track of ping times but my proxy checker just issues a cURL request to check if it works or not. This would be very good for filtration to get a good subset of working proxies but it isn't perfect. I like perfect or near-perfect.

    So that's where I'm at. If I'm going to spend another few days writing a custom solution, then I might as well offer it as a service but I'd prefer not to go this route. Does anyone know of any software that can essentially do what 1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier 1.1 does... url downloads + scheduled testing + scoring and maintain a list of working proxies.
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    Try this#1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier 1.1 it is working.

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    Thanks, but I don't think you read what Rampage wrote. The cracked versions do not allow you to save the lists.