Proxy script advice needed.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by infonistacrat, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Ok, without giving much detail, because I think this has potential to generate some serious revenue, I am developing a program that will put together a website on the fly based on results from a specialized search engine, then charging a membership fee for the site. This search engine is not real keen on this idea, of course, but lets shelf that conversation for another day. Thats the background, and should be enough info to answer the question.

    So, what I need is a perl script that can send a request out via a multitude of proxies. I can write my own if I have to, but something that is canned would be ideal. And free. :D

    When I get this monster built, I will probably be looking for affiliates from the BH community to spread the word, since this is a pure, 100% BH effort. Just to whet the appetite, this this script will have multiple potential income streams, including the upfront subscription fee. My only decision is do I want to sell the script, or run it myself. Hummm....have to think about that one!:cool: