proxy is better or vpn is better?


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Oct 1, 2023
Should I use proxy for USA country or better to use vpn? please help me..
Depends on what tasks you're considering.

If these are work tasks, and you want to remain anonymous / work for a long time and not have problems with account bans and methods of your work - then the best solution will be proxies.

If it is purely personal use in your free time - then a VPN will be perfect for you

On the forum there are representatives of these niches, in their threads you can learn more about the features and nuances.

Good luck
Proxy of course
VPN is shared
Please let us know what's your use case. Without knowing we could be giving you wrong advice. Something to have in mind: VPN works at a system level, meaning that every application you use will go through it. Proxy will only work in the browser/application you set it up into
It depends on whats your needs..i prefer using proxy for browser but it will cost more then the VPN..Maybe proxies are little slower but it depends from where you buy them also..
Yea really depends on what you are doing but proxy will almost always be better as its not shared with thousands of users.
Given two ips are exactly the same otherwise, I think vpn is safer, if that is what you are asking. vpn applies on the network level. Proxy, on the software level you are using it on.

Those who are saying vpn is less secure because they are shared are simply not sure what they are trying to say. A vpn connection doesn’t have to be a third party one. You could host your own vpn server on a vps, easily.

Everything said, it depends on how you are using either of these, in my opinion. If you don’t know what you’re doing, vpn will probably be safer.
It really depends, vpns have a little more configuration and management, secured and easy to set but also sometimes are easy to detect and you are stuck with one IP or requesting changes every times, proxies still secure but depend what you are doing so better be careful, connection is private but being honest not as good as vpns, configuration problems because every site or tool have their own configuration process for every third party tool, prices! try to find unlimited data plans they are expensive and sometimes restrictive so you need to see all this factors and even more, basically choose the one that benefits you according to what you will be working or using it for.
Hi, depends on what you need it for. If you just go to any resource, then a VPN will be enough. If you want to work in this GEO, it's always better to use a proxy. In any case, using a proxy is more efficient, but also less convenient.
Depends on what you use it for, although If you are running a bot or something like that I suggest Proxy.
Proxy wins, no matter what. HOWEVER! There are VPNs with a 'tunnel' function which proxies your IP through multiple 'servers' for complete privacy, which tend to be more 'secure' if that's a thing you are looking for.
For privacy and security, a VPN is generally better than a proxy due to its encryption and data protection features.
If you need to access content restricted to the USA, using a VPN with a server located in the USA would be the optimal choice, Mate.
From the standpoint of anonymity. VPN would be more secure. It becomes even better if it is shared, and the provider doesn't keep logs.
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