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Proxies Defined 101..Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Correct Proxies to Use: Help Plz

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by tryagain2day, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. tryagain2day

    tryagain2day Registered Member

    Jan 26, 2015
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    This thread, by a newb, is intended to serve as a solid newbs starting point for all things proxies. Proxies 101

    The past few days has been a quest on Proxies 101. I realised it is possibly the most used feature on BHW complete with a dedicated marketplace thread, yet, in a forum full of experts, it is implied/assumed that everyone knows the who/why/what/when/hows... except for us newbs!

    As a novice, I hope to ask enough of the right questions to get a good thread going so this post can help others in the future.


    1. There are Free Shared Web Proxies services, among others are:
    If you are not ready to buy or are learning the ropes. A route I should have taken personally, any newb should practice for free here as you figure out the best service to invest in on BHW.



    2. A lot of amazing tools popular on BHW have built in proxy harvesters/finders. These built in harvesters will suffice for almost any newb task. Among many, the 2 tools I purchased are (experts please add more):

    -No Hands Proxies

    3. Purposes/Uses of proxies I know so far (experts please add more):
    -hide or minimize you online IP footprint on post marketing platforms which also tend to be ANY social media platform you can imagine
    -use multiple operations that exceed what a normal user might need
    -because you are masked behind a proxy you do multiple posts/shares/likes/links/comments etc

    Failure to use proxies when executing these operations can result can in IP banning, profile suspension, post deletion etc

    3. Among some Examples of tools I purchased/ will purchase that need proxies with high volume/repetition activities (experts please add more):
    - Scrapebox
    - Followliker
    - SEMRush

    Questions to Experts/Vendors

    1. Please define, with examples of operations and applicable tools, the following

    - Elite Proxies vs

    - Transparent Proxies vs

    - Anonymous Proxies?

    2. Whats are the most suitable proxy types for:

    If I left a tool/platform/social media whose appropriate proxy you want/need defined chime in please!!!!!

    - twitter
    - instagram
    - pintrest
    - tumblr
    - linkedin
    - craigslist/CL
    - Google
    - yahoo
    - bing
    - No Hands SEO
    - Scrapebox
    - GSAser
    - GScraper
    - craygo
    - adbomber
    - EAP
    - ezadsuite
    - the main OLX
    - Admaster
    - easy ad suite
    - EasyAdPoster Deluxe
    - EZadPoster
    - EZ Autoresponder

    3. In your expert opinion, with tools like No Hands SEO/Scrapebox among others, which come with built in proxy harvesters, why should a newb purchase the appropriate independent proxy from a vendor? Particularly because when this is clearly a more affordable/sustainable route for the one time purchase of "___insert tool here____" rather than the marketplace common practice of monthly rental subscriptions?

    Just to eliminate the obvious Newb reason #1
    - one didn't do their homework first, myself included

    4. List of best proxy checker tools

    5. Define Proxy Downloader

    6. Define Proxy Directory

    I hope this will help everyone vendors/pros and newbs alike
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