Proven Successful Facebook Campaign, All white-hat looking for investors

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    I currently manage a few large Facebook pages (over 200k fans total) that were built entirely using white-hat promotional methods via FB ads and have an very active fanbase that responds well to CPA offers.

    I have a fantastic niche that is time sensitive, and the only thing slowing my growth at the moment is lack of liquidity to continue investing in the growth of these page at the speed that I want. So I'd like to discuss the possibility of inviting investors to join in.

    In total, I have a plan that calls for about $4000 worth of capital. Of course I would rather have just one investor to be accountable to, but that seems unlikely so I will most likely accept smaller amounts. As far as division of revenue, it is negotiable, but the emphasis is of course on repaying the initial investment. (Based on previous results, this should take about a month.)

    Reasons to invest with me:
    1. This is a proven method that is approved by Facebook, and develops long-term assets in the form of Fan Pages, Email lists and more valuable webpage.

    2. I have proof of earnings history and am willing to set up a system of real accountability including contracts. You will have my personal cell-phone number, address, etc. I am an American living in Brooklyn, New York.

    3. While there are some great tricks I use in the Facebook ads system. The majority of my success comes from creating great content that my fans really respond to. This is not something many people can do.

    4. I'm a nice, hard working guy.

    I have tried to be as forthcoming as I feel is possible on this open forum and would be happy to meet anyone who is interested via skype or AIM to answer any questions you may have and give a live demo of an existing page. Just shoot me a PM with your info and I will contact you ASAP. Thanks!
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