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    wow i just saw the stars in my name change color and ranked to skyblue 3 stars lol i think this is my 400th post now.

    I am so proud to be a a long time member of a great community. Heck! i cant even stay on fb for a long time because it always pisses me off every 5 months or so i delete my account and create a new one in the next few months lol.

    i have learned a lot on this forum and has greatly helped and improved my life.
    I have meet so many people here, people from around the world that i have never seen their faces before but yet became my friends and im talking to almost everyday.

    really didnt imagine that a forum could greatly helped my life. I am earning decent money now its not that much but its providing very well for my new family.

    i always keep wondering if bhw will be gone, it will be very hard to start all over again finding people whom you can trust. I mean this is the internet people dont see your face and yet people are willing to give very good free information and especially the paying of the money part.

    so thank you BHW for everything that i have learned and thank you to everyone in the community.

    especial thanks to Otrap who has always given me very valuable information even though he is very busy.

    And to Howard_hughes who is having a great patience currently teaching me seo while we are building a new site and is currently passing all his fiverr gigs to me so that i can make extra $ while our site is not making money yet.
    :congrats::congrats::congrats:ONLY ON BHW:congrats::congrats::congrats:
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