Protecting your Customers, Legal Flashfxp Discount $12

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    Hey guys and girls,

    I've used FlashFXP for many years using cracked versions for personal use, I've recently started a new business which is to do with online web-related services, I want my business to be completely legal and well using such software which holds important data such as username and passwords it's in my opinion even more important to use legal versions which are not tempted with, after all using cracked software you don't really know whats going on in the background and technically will not be picked up by antivirus software since say they cracked it and changed the code to send X data to A or B, this wouldn't be a virus but a dirty crack.

    Anyway, I've searched the forums and couldn't find anything on this deal so I wish to share.

    FlashFXP is $29.99 for both personal and business license while this isn't that expensive I'm trying to cut costs as much as possible on my business. I just came across this link, if it's dupe please delete post and sorry.

    It's a 10yr Softpedia discount which will give you a whopping ( -19.95 USD ) and make flashfxp just under $12 which I think your all agree is worth purchasing, I consider it one of the best FTP programs for many years.

    Enjoy, Delete if dupe :p

    which has become tiresome when updates are released and espcially now i'm admining customers sites I've decide I'm going legal on every business application
    I've decided to go legal on a lot of applications since I feel I'm obligated to protect my customers details. O
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    I've used it for years too and recently purchased a legit version as well. Good deal.