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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bigkee42, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. bigkee42

    bigkee42 Junior Member

    Dec 10, 2007
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    Don't Laugh...US Air Force
    North Dakota
    Does anyone out there know how to use ProSubmitter. I did a search, but nothing.:(

  2. uzzi69

    uzzi69 Regular Member

    Mar 9, 2008
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    ProSubmitter helps you get your site to the TOP 3 of the search engines FAST !

    When an issue of site SE promotion arises, a webmaster has to exchange links with other sites, contacting site owners and going through the tedious process of placing links to other sites on his or her pages over and over again. It takes lots of time and decreases the efficiency of your site due to excessive outward linking. ProSubmitter™ offers a broad range of features including automated posting of ads and links to your site on thousands of blogs, BBS, guestbooks, FFAs and other resources.

    ProSubmitter™ can be easily used by novice and expert webmasters. With ProSubmitter™ the SE positions of your site will improve drastically, as the more sites link to your site, the higher it gets ranked. ProSubmitter™ is a powerful tool meant to automate the placement of external links on BBS sites, catalogs, FFAs, blogs, guestbooks etc.

    Manually fill in the fields on all kinds of sites, spending hours, days and weeks to get the needed results.
    Use ProSubmitter™ which does everything you need a THOUSAND times faster and more efficient. The choice is up to you !
    Have a look at the brief list of ProSubmitter™ features :

    Automated posting of your links to a multitude of guestbooks, BBS, FFAs, blogs, etc....to unlimited sites!
    Free database of over 30000 URLs
    Use browser simulate system for anonymous Your requests
    Use random User agents
    Use random Referer sites
    Custom URL databases from Google, Yahoo and MSN listings can be created and used
    Submitting links to new site types
    Collecting, checking and random proxy using
    Multiple user profiles
    Save bad urls
    Save successful submited urls
    Log files for requests
    ProSubmitter™ is highly usable. Whatever your knowledge is, you can start using ProSubmitter™ right away without any problems !

    All users can benefit from our fast and competent support service.
    Moreover, you get all the further updates for free!

    home page -


    Instructions if you need them:

    1) Upload all the files on the server


    define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
    define('DB_USER', 'user2');
    define('DB_PASS', 'password');
    define('DB_NAME', 'base2');

    Go to ur Control panel on ur server and add database "anything". add a user to it

    with full privileges.
    change the values according to ur database, shown in the quoted text above.

    note: edit only those values, no need of editing the above two ones in the config.php

    then open globals.php and modify the same values.

    NOW the last thing to do is run dump.sql file provided. TO do that open phymyadmin

    and select ur database, then IMPORT the file " dump.sql" and run it... THEN YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.
    defualt username and password is admin1 and login1 you can change it from config.php enter your mysql username on here define('DB_USER', 'your mysql username here') and mysql password on here define('DB_PASS', 'your my sql password here);

    remember when edit config.php
    Script's work based on unique algorithm of intellectual forms parsing .

    SETS.ini file :
    Leaning on it, the script makes the analysis of the submittion form and analysis of parameters.
    Script's work based on "Word-combinations Ocurrence",script searches at the blog's submittion form only "Basic words" from a file of parities (correlations) (SETS.ini file),not just whole word (field's name or other values) ,so for example if its needed to find and process for succesfull submittion "current_blog_action" value in blog's form,you shuold add "action" in sets.ini. And "current_blog_action", "gb_action" and "action" form's values are absollutely Identical for script! But if you adding to sets.ini only "current_blog_action" script will submitt only to url with "current_blog_action" form's value, and cant submitt to form with "gb_action".So you need add to sets.ini only "action" for successful submittion to all this types of forms.
    Thus àì it is not necessary to add each blog's (or guest book's) type form separately!
    You should add only names of present variables at submittion form and a script will find them itself on the whole blog's pages!
    By default in the current sets.ini file are added the majority ammount of the variables, allowing to send a post in 99 % of existing resources.
    But if you have some very special urls for submitting (non standart types of forms) you can setup sets.ini file how you need for successful submittion .
    Main script's modules is very flexible and configurable and allows you to create custom submittion schemes.

    The basic variables for a sets.ini file :
    name - word-combinations, meeting which in names of parameters of the form, the script will fill with their value of a name specified from "name" field.
    message - value of the message.
    url - the address of a homepage
    mail - email value
    submit - names of parameters of the button, which should be "pressed" to send the form.
    sub_ex - values of buttons-exceptions which should not be pressed anyway
    add_name - additional names of fields which should be processed with main values. Meeting such value of a name of parameter - the script substitutes casual value from add_value
    other - in case if you have chosen a mode "fill other" , then all text fields, which do not correspond to other categories (name, mail...) will be filled with casual value from this file.
    black_list - names of parameters which should not be processed absolutely.
    waste - if some values from this list script meets in the submition form,that url is skipping

    Script's feelds :
    Base : - txt file where are your urls placed ,one per string (urls where your comment will be submitted)
    Name : - Your name (or key-word,like "teen porn")
    Homepage : - your site's url
    Email : - your email
    Message : - Your message (like "visit my site please" )
    In the Name,Homepage and Email fields allowed some values adding.For example fill :
    "Hello nice site{}Visit my site{}Hello world" in the Message field and script will submitt this values randomly to every url.
    Also you can use tag [!3!] (every number),that can be useful if you need to add some random symbols to every submitting value.For example : fill in the Name field "Thom [!5!]" and script will submitt different names (Thom rtegy,Thom nsedp etc).Very useful for "anti-fingerprint" against SE's bots.

    Config file - a name of a config file for every submitt session, for example 1.ini
    Path to PHP : path to php on your server
    Fill other fields - In case of acknowledgement - the script will fill all "unfamiliar" fields (which names are not registered in correlations) by other values from the same parities (a file sets.ini)
    Alternative analysis : allows you to process very specific form types. Some urls have form's fields with very specific names (nonstandart) . Like "UserComment.Url" (name of the "user's name" field in the submitt form).In this case you should use "Alternative analysis" function. Add to the sets.ini file all fields names ("UserComment.Url" to the name category etc) and run submitt in Alternative analysis mode.Script analyse only WHOLE field names in this mode.
    Find Form and Max Links : If you need to find submitt form on the other url's page you should use this function.For example if you have such url -


    the submitt form placed on other page at this url -


    ,you can find this page with this mode.You should add anhor for this link (


    ) to the "seek_form" in the sets.ini file .Max Links -number of links what will be processed on every page.In this mode script will crawl to another pages, find submittion forms and post the data you need.If Max Links number is not specified script will crawl to ALL pages at this url.

    Save config : - for creating and saving config file for submitt session .All data for creating config file will be taken from other specified fields and from sets.ini
    Save & Run : save and run config.
    View : -view specified config file.You can change current config's info and save it.
    Run from config : run submitt session for specified config file.
    Clear Session : - YOU MUST use this button after every submit session!

    Menu "Settings" :

    "Timeouts" :
    "Proxy" - If proxy is in down,proxy will be changed to other from list . Optimum value: 1-2 sec.
    "Get Page" - If time out of current page getting is higher,script will skips this url. Optimum value: 5-7 sec
    "Posting" - Same ,but for posting operation. Optimum value: 7-10 sec
    Menu "Files" :
    "Good proxy" : file's name with allready checked proxies.
    Good Urls : file's name where will be good urls saved.
    Keep good urls : (checkbox) - adding successfull submitted urls from old file (good_urls.txt) to the current good_urls.txt.Thats very actual if you are using one file for good urls keeping.
    Max page size : (in bytes) Restriction for the maximal size of processed page page ,if this field is clear csript will upload whole page

    Other :
    Threads number - Number of submittion threads.More threads= submitting speed is higher. But dont forget! More threads = much server's load!
    Sleep - delay before starting each thread.Very actual field for those who uses a script with greater number of threads,reduces server's loading.Optimum value: 5-7 sec
    Connection retries - number of post retries.Optimum value -3.If the script after posting to some url is getting server's ansver 502/504 (can be if your proxy failed for few secconds) then post will be repeated truth other proxy from your proxies list . If server's ansver is 200/302,script skips this url.
    Use proxy - use or no.
    Proxy Reload URLs - URLs from where are proxies will be taken. Format is : iport (for example,
    You can use our "Proxy manager" (not added to standart script's package) for instant checking and filtering.

    Script can be running by CRON :
    Now you can run submittion threads by schedule.In admin panel you can create config files (like 1.ini,2.ini etc) and run them in what time you need (in this case you no need to wait till one submitt session is over for startin next submitt to the next url's base)

    Config Manager :
    Allows you to create personal config files for advanced using, for example submitt different values to only one url's base , or submitting one config's data (your name,your url,your email) to the many different url's bases in one time.

    After every submitt session is over, In the script's directory you can find files like that :
    - file goodurls.txt _noform -with urls where form not founded
    -file goodurls.txt_nocomment - urls wich have no comment field
    -file goodurls.txt _waste - urls where are values from "waste" has been founded
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  3. sqlbyte

    sqlbyte Junior Member

    Sep 22, 2008
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    Behind You
    Did anyone manage to install it ?
    I get errors like:
    Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
  4. Eglobalmoguls

    Eglobalmoguls Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jun 22, 2008
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    Dam uzzi you almost sound like the owner doing a sales pitch. Anyone used in one a white hate slowley to get good position. How long did it take?
  5. sqlbyte

    sqlbyte Junior Member

    Sep 22, 2008
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    Behind You
    Did anyone setup this tool to work ? I am getting some errors :S
  6. biznets

    biznets Junior Member

    Jan 24, 2009
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    A very detailed instruction, but way above my newbie head!
  7. bloodyshark

    bloodyshark Registered Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Is it only me or does it appear that the same user who submitted the question answered it?
  8. Spawn


    Jun 20, 2009
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    is the new version easier to use?
  9. keizer

    keizer Regular Member

    Oct 22, 2008
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    I am trying my best( as much a boob can do) but it is not clear-

    "....and select ur database, then IMPORT the file " dump.sql" and run it... THEN YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.defualt username and password is admin1 and login1 you can change it from config.php enter your mysql username on here define('DB_USER', 'your mysql username here') and mysql password on here define('DB_PASS', 'your my sql password here);"

    Next question - where is the sets.ini file?

    any help appreciated.
  10. arbydee2

    arbydee2 Regular Member

    Mar 20, 2010
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    Home Page:
    Don't waste your time with this bullshit program.
  11. nicho

    nicho Regular Member

    Oct 17, 2007
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    Internet Marketer
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    Arby l would love to watch your videos in the blackhatbaron tool but they are returning a 404 page hopefully its not me. Have a look for me please as l would really like to look deeper into your software.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2010
  12. wipeout777

    wipeout777 Registered Member

    Jun 13, 2009
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    I just found this tool and it looks promising. there is no good report of it and only one flame of it. does anyone else have any experience with it?