Prosper202 c1-c4 Tracking. Want to track Real Click Cost!

Discussion in 'Yahoo & Bing MSN' started by jasontm, Dec 21, 2010.

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    I've been trying to find ways to use the extra tokens that come provided with Tracking/Prosper 202.

    I was thinking about capturing the actual click cost for each keyword on every click. Can this be done?

    ex the keyword "train a dog" gets clicked 3 times:

    Click 1 cost 10 cents
    Click 2 cost 8 cents
    Click 3 cost 8 cents

    So the total cost from bing/yahoo on that keyword would be 26 cents. Tracking/Prosper would then reflect this rather than saying it cost 30 cents because I have 10 cent bids setup by default.

    What are other ways you can use these tokens rather it's cpa, clickbank, cj etc..?