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    Hey guys,
    I have been participated in a lot of discussions about what kind of installs are better: incent or non-incent. And it's very important (and even key point) for App marketer to understand what better traffic to use. Knowing advantages of two types: you can get usage and earn great indicator of user confidence.
    Below I will share my point of view regarding motivated and non-motivated traffic:
    Pros and cons of Incent Traffic:
    1. Lower expenses - CPI for incent traffic will be in 3 cheaper than non-motivated install.
    2. Volumes. Can lead to an exponential increase in the number of downloads in a short time. If you need to reach a certain large number in a day or two, then the best way is a motivational campaign.
    3. Position. This is done by encouraging a large number of installations in a short time. When a motivated breakthrough is done correctly, the application quickly goes to the top of the stack. The application will remain on high positions for a couple of days. This will increase the number of organic settings among those users who try new applications.
    Pros and cons of Non-Incent Traffic:
    Unmotivated users are those who install the application after seeing ads, banner or inserts. They install the application because they are really interested in it. Such users will use the application more often and have a higher level of retention. Therefore, they are more valuable for developers.

    Motivational campaigns can be a great way to exponentially stimulate the number of downloads in a short time. At the same time, non-motivational campaigns will help slowly but surely find loyal users. Both types have their own characteristics, and one can not be ignored.​