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Discussion in 'CPA' started by webhostrev74, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone,
    So I have everything set up, a great incentivized promotion on a site, but it seems excessively work-heavy to promote . Youtube promotion requires setting up lots of accouts and faking views, while the accounts will likely be removed anyway. I don't want to set up a dozen blogs manually to get backlinks to one page, either... Unless I buy XRUMER (yeah right), isn't there some simple way to promote material like there is to create it?
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    For youtube, yes you need to setup a number of accounts for each campaign (not that many)... to distribute your 50+ videos across.

    ...but more importantly, you need to do your keyword research right (to use for titles, tags and descriptions). If done right, it may save you the hassle of creating dozens of accounts for a simple campaign.

    If you have some money, why not do ppc, paid reviews or buy banner ads on high traffic sites/networks? Much faster...

    No, there is nothing easy. Especially if you want to start from zero and go the SEO way.