Promoting my own CPA offers via my own websites' ads?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by DeviousLyte, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Aug 13, 2016
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    I'm new to CPA and just marketing in general, so excuse my general lack of knowledge, but I had some questions about promoting my own CPA offers.

    So let's say I run a blog about makeup / skin products. It seems the standard practice is to put ads on it and get paid per click or maybe per conversion, but does anyone ever put ads for their own CPA offers on their own websites? Maybe this is how it already works and I don't quite fully understand, but it seems like most people relying on ad traffic get paid per ad click. Is getting paid per ad click just better? Or are there benefits to both?

    So I think the problem with placing my own ads is there aren't pre-built complicated systems to choose which ads to show. So for example if you use an established ad program, like something Google has, all the ads will be targeted based on a user's browsing history, cookies, geo-location, etc. So is the problem that people don't want to set this targeting for their own ads, they don't have access to the information, or they just don't know how?

    I'm a programmer, but I don't have much experience in web development atm. I don't think it'll take me very long to learn Ruby on Rails and then probably PHP and then play around with others on my off-time just based on how many languages I already know. But if it's possible to access at least some of the information (geo-location, cookies, browsing history) I can probably develop a decent ad targeting system myself, and I'd assume that it'd be more profitable to do that rather than run ads and get paid per click. Maybe I'm just being ignorant? Or maybe these systems for promoting your own CPA ads already exist and I don't know about it.

    Any information or advice would be appreciated, thanks!