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    firstly, sorry for the double pose I'm not sure where should go
    I am young disabled musician on iTunes. I have cerebral palsy and have had anybody listen. My ultimate goal is not to make money but to get my music out there it is on iTunes simply because that is the most widely used music service that is available. My question is, are there any tool they can use the will get me heard . Please note all I want to do is get my music out there. I am definitely not interested in making money
    please note this is not a scam this is simply my last resort. My apologies for any bad or grammar mistakes . I use voice recognition software which is not always 100 accurate
    as well as a direct link to the iTunes page please note any money I would make would go directly to my continued care. Now I know this felt like a scam but it is not and I know people will think just because his posting here means it Is a scam no it's not like I said before, I am simply using this forum as a last resort I simply want people to hear my music a bit of background regarding the recordings I recorded these when I was 10 in a studio with my dad we co-wrote the songs and performed them. I hope you enjoy them. If this is the wrong section, please feel free to move it. I was thinking even a Facebook like generator would be good but I'm not sure that would be the most effective way of getting my music out. I can't stress enough this is not a scam. I am a real person. I don't plan to get rich. I would just like my music to be heard and if it makes money well that's an added bonus. I'm sure many of you will be asking for an MP3
    please understand. I cannot post a direct link to my iTunes or photos of because they have been a member that long. But if you would like to look me up on iTunes simply search for my name paul mangan or any other music streaming service thanks to the wonderful people at CD baby and I know you probably don't believe me but I would have posted pictures that would prove I am disabled. If didn't believe me. Anyway thanks for your help