Promoting CPA offers on Facebook PPC Campaign?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by sajid_buriro, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Hi guys, i just applied for peerfly and i told them that i promote offers from fanpages and through Facebook PPC campaigns, though i have never done that, but i was going to experiment it after approval i was going to invest in that department 'cause i thought facebook still allows affiliate links, i have seen some people still promoting their offers and running campaigns, so was wondering what's the secret behind it? and do you guys think i committed a mistake by not giving any website to peerfly and just telling them that my marketing straightegy relies on social networking websites, fanpages and PPC campaigns? (which may sound like copy-paste stuff) also want to ask same question about google adwords, they dont approve affiliate links but any way to bypass it? does redirectors work?
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    If your message to them really sounds like copy/paste then it may not work, but it is still possible and depends on what you told them specifically.
    As for Google Adwords - try creating real looking blogs on the niche you are going to promote and buy traffic to special post where you get your subscribers. Then send them email with affiliate link in it.