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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by domain123, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I've read a lot of threads in this section but I have a quick question, any help at all would be appreciated.

    I found a niche with barely any competition and I tried promoting a clickbank product thru adwords with a kinda shitty landing page. I only got about two sales from 200 clicks.

    Would I be way better off getting their emails and promoting the ebook through email marketing? I haven't really done any email marketing before but it seems like a lot of people say it would be way better. Either way I'm probably going to try it but just curious what your thoughts are.

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    I personally promote CB offers through Email. It always depends on the offer, but I do pretty well most days.

    For example, there was one particular day when I made $597 with a list of only 4500 subscribers.

    But there are tons of reasons why an email promotion may not convert, though.

    1. Bad creative
    2. Bad landing page
    3. Bad sales copy
    4. Hard-to-find or inconspicuous call to action
    5. Emails going to spambox
    6. IPs getting blacklisted
    7. Link problems in the Email
    8. Price is not conducive to your list
    9. Offer niche is not conducive to your list
    10. Offer has bad reputation with the list
    11. Large portion of the list has seen the offer before, from either you or someone else
    12. Tracking issues

    So, Email is far from an easy plug-n-play for newbies, but once you master it, and once you get your method working, it's great.

    If, however, you'd like a little help in figuring out your Emailing strategy, I may let you bounce a few ideas off me, and also maybe throw a tool or two your way.
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    Yes can u please help me out with email marketing when it comes to clickbank I have tried everything in my power to try to make me some money with promoting clickbank products with no successs.

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    The Verge of Insanity
    Ok, how are you building your list? The people you're marketing too may have no relevance or interest in your product which would result in no conversions or for that matter clicks.

    Have you had any clicks at all? I think that if you have had no clicks then you're simply marketing the wrong product for that target market.

    Some info such as how many people you've tried mailing too would also help, if you want you can pm the details but it would be more benefitial for it to be posted publicly

    Lets us know and Im sure theres something we can do to help
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    Nov 16, 2010
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    Email marketing seems to be dying a death i think with so many people getting an information overload being on numerous marketers lists. The best way to build your list is from PPC traffic (who are generally fresh buyers). Its a waste of time building your list from Warrior Forum and free give aways as these people will NEVER buy they will just get free stuff and unsubscribe.


    Rich Nicol