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Is this a threshold account?Are the 200$ spendable like a coupon is what I mean?
Thread locked as there is an active dispute resolution thread against the seller.
So far BAD experience.

He delivered a non-functional account. No campaigns were running or could've been set up to run.
Refused to refund.

He said he'll replace, but so far nothing.

Will update this shortly if the situation changes.

Total and complete SCAM!

As mentioned before -- the seller delivered a non functional account where there were 5 previous campaigns added and NOT running.
When I created a test campaign -- it wasn't even sent to the review process -- just blocked.

When I said that the account is not working -- "he said sorry no refunds that's my TOS".
Lol -- since when your own TOS allows you to scam people?
BHW mods -- does that sound good to you?

Lastly, he demanded to remove my negative post and when I said I will once he fixes the account or provides a refund -- he probably realised that he cannot do anything and he doesn't even have working accounts from the beginning -- he just said "you won't get a refund or replacement".

Just pathetic... I don't care about those $65 - it's not a lot.
But people, BEWARE!

And I encourage moderators to ban him and remove from the forum, it;;s no good having plain and blatant scammers on the marketplace.
Not open for further replies.
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