Promote CashStage now and earn 10$ each Sale + a lifetime account

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    Hi there!
    Im offering you to take part in our affiliate system here.

    What can we offer for you?

    • 10$ Commision for every Sale
    • Completely ready Sales Page with your Affiliate link inside
    • Instant Payment to your Paypal account after confirmation of every Sale
    • Clear Affiliate Backend with Sale Statistics
    • Bonus: First Person to achieve 150 Sales gets $350
    • Bonus: First Person to achieve 100 Sales gets $250
    • Bonus: First 2 Persons to achieve 50 Sales get $150 each

    What do we need from you?

    A PM with the following informations

    • Your paypal email adress
    • The username you want to use to log into the backend

    What happens after you applied to be an Affiliate?
    We will contact you with your login details for the Affiliate System and tell you the Links to download the Sales Page and everything you need.

    In that PM you will also get login details to CashStage itself, that will be a lifetime account which never expires and gets all future features automatically. This is so that you know what you're selling.

    I hope to recieve your PM's soon as we are only accepting a limited amount of affiliates now.

    Best regards,
    Head of Support at CashStage