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    Dear all,

    I would actually need you guys to assist on this issue.
    I have a couple of website / blog that I want to SEO it.
    Mostly I want to gain traffic to my website/blog from Google to gain conversation by opt in list.
    Why project white hat ? Because i want to do black hat but show google we are as white as possible :)

    I am looking for a Standard Operation Procedure to do it. (Preferable Grey Hat, white and black )
    I have a high budget for tools needed to check (Preferably with lifetime licence) and I have a team of 4 headcount to assist.
    If there is a need to go grey, kindly advice as well .

    Can you guys:
    • Recommend the steps to do this. as i am setting many site in the long run.
    • Recommend the software needed as well.

    You guys can start off keyword research (Best software to recommend ?)

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