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Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by crashed, Jan 11, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    I had an idea the other week, and now im going try and get the ball rolling.

    Once I recieve my schedule for this year at the start of February I will be running a Programming Clinic, where anybody will be able to request a free 15 minute slot to ask any questions related to programming, or getting a program written, or to work out if their idea was technically feasible.

    I have 11 years development experience in a range of technologies, working mainly with C# now days.

    Initially I will offer 8 people 15 minute slots a week, with a limit of 1 slot per person a week.

    So far for the launch week I have:
    1 - smileplease
    2 - 8 - are avaliable.

    I am also planning on writing a tutorial series for web programming, however this will not be till i see if there is any interest. Also, if there is interest I may start a group lecture series where we cover each topic in a group allowing questions to be asked etc.

    For those completely new to programming that want to take this as an opportunity to learn programming, if you start the tutorials here with lesson number one, I will also support answering any questions you have related to the lesson via PM (this is not my website, and I not affiliated to it in any way, I just find the tutorials to be clear, concise and logical)

    Post your interest, questions, ideas below :D

    Note to Moderators: This is something I am doing completely free, I will not be making a profit or selling anything, if it is in the incorrect place or you want further information please PM me.
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    very interested in this its a nice offer. Do you have any experience with php curl?