[Programmer] Seeking to partner with a drop ship master or another programmer

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    I am looking to put together a drop ship bot that's mostly Automated. The languages i know really well are C# and php. Almost 10 years now. if you are a programmer or you a well experienced drop shipper then maybe we could work together?things i want to program are:

    - Automated Tumbler (Auto Follower, Like, Auto Re-blog Images based from tags putting (bit.ly link to products on the website)) (To automate building a following)
    - Automate Twitter (sim concept as tumbler) using hashtags as well. (to automate building a following)

    eCommerce Website: Broad niche that allows us to list a ton of products I.E Gift Ideas or Inventions that make life easier.

    Marketing Tactics: Mostly Facebook - Give out Free Products Charge for shipping etc...
    Make articles that are fun or Engaging like "10 Great Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes This Upcoming Year" (Up Sell them on buying a e-Cig or Something) or
    Just "10 Inventions that will make your life easier" etc...

    Here is a recent project i did with real estate.... It essentially Gets all the real estate properties locally and re blogs them on my website with coordinates and all. I don't really know anyone in the field of programming or Drop shipping except myself. So if you would like to network with each other then message me Your Skype details.Keep in mind, i am a completely new member here so i will not be able to message you back till i have 15 post counts. Thanks

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