Program to retrieve all my UAW URL's from google and the page rank of blog its on?

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    My work wants me to compile a list of every back link I get from UAW. I also have to get the page rank of the home page of the blog that the article is on. It doesn't matter if the page rank of the home page is doesn't have a bearing on SEO that much, they want the info so I have no choice but to compile it.

    For every UAW I get over 200 articles indexed. I know I can use one rare nickname and find my articles in google or google it by the article title. However, I have to go to the homepage of the blog and find the page rank of the blog its on too. Is there a faster way of doing this than manually?

    I have to do this for every article I submit and I submit at least once a day to UAW. The other articles like ezine etc are easier to find.

    I know its not really a productive way of doing SEO, better to "build and forget" but I have NO CHOICE but to do it this way. They want this data. What is the fastest/easiest way of doing it?

    UAW used to have a feature where you can click on the blog it was posted on but its no longer there. However, I would still need to go to the home page and check the PR of the blog...

    UAW now has a "backlink" feature that shows HOW MANY backlinks you gained per article but that is not the info my work wants. They want a breakdown of EACH url plus the page rank of the blog its listed on.
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