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    Ok guys, I dont know if this is the right subforum but I kept looking and this seems the place to tell you about my idea, Mods: if you think this should go somewhere else, feel free to move, in this thread I wont sell you anything, in fact I will give you a chance to make money, you could also get a chance to get my product for free from me should you really be interested in giving me your opinion and participate.

    Me posting this here first instead of other sites is because I have really learned a lot from all of you guys and want you to benefit from my upcoming idea that I am just developing and want your input. Let me explain.

    My idea happened out of desperation but really saved my neck financially speaking about two years ago and I think lots of people will love it, because everybody has some credit card debt!

    As I was telling you, two years ago I was about $20k in credit card debt, the country in which I live has a very very high APR on cards (close to 50%) so imagine how fast debt was piling up on my 7 cards, out of desperation I was looking for information and I came across Mr Leo Quinn's website that promised me to change my "moneytude" and get me out of debt fast, so I went in and bought his information package at, to make a long story short, its just the ages-old "" nicely packaged and with some excel spreadsheet along with some MP3's.

    So yes I fell for this and paid $67 USD because he made it sound like my answer from heaven. The method is nice assuming you have the extra monthly income you need to start building the snowball as he recommends, so for this he starts offering you lots and lots of "money making opportunities" but hey, when you have a full time job already, this is sometimes a no-no, which was my case as a full-time software developer.

    So I kept thinking how could I more efficiently manage my credit cards to kill them in the shortest amount of time possible, after 2 months of struggling to find it, I found a method that many people have found to be counterintuitive at first, but helps me achieve the following things among others:

    • Pay my credit card debts 81 months earlier than if I just keep paying the minimums
    • Save about $240 a month on interest charges alone
    • Save about $13K in total interest charges compared to what would I have paid if I just made the minimums each month
    • Since I saved 81 months of debt payments, I could instead deposit that money to an investment account when after those 81 months, I will have close to $26K extra (I am already living monthly without that money since banks take it away, why not keep living the same but saving it away for the future?)
    • I do not need to do anything to earn extra money every month in order to get the "snowball rolling" with increased payments (my full time job already eats all my time, sometimes even weekends, selling at flea markets is a no-no)
    • If something unexpected happens at anytime that requires a big payment like an accident, car repairs, etc, I can pay for it in cash, forget about making my credit card payments for that month and nobody will be harassing me to pay the banks, will keep my credit score intact and better yet, will not increase my debts!
    • I also found a way to pay my debts faster by teaming with other friends who where in the same situation, better yet, we do not have to deal with any bankers or call anybody to negotiate an APR reduction like Mr. Quinn says, maybe those calls work in the States, not in my country! Most likely they would simply hang up and laugh at us!
    • I keep my monthly lifestyle the same (obviously I am not charging anything else on my cards again, that would be self-defeating).
    • In short: I don't need an extra job or sell my stuff, I don't need to call banks or do anything like that and compared to Mr Quinn's plan, I will still pay my debt in about a fourth of the time it would take me with his snowball method
    • By the way, its not a Ponzi, Pyramid, Gifting, HYIP or any of those scams, its just a clever method for handling your debts that I can prove mathematically to anyone.

    How do I know all of the above? I just calculated and simulated everything in a huge excel spreadsheet and after substantially reducing my debts and other friend's debts with whom I tested my strategy I know for sure it works.

    Last year after seeing the great results in killing our revolving-debts I thought about writing an ebook and selling it via clickbank to people interested in this, a friend whom I helped kill debt suggested he could contact a book publisher and help me get this to the masses (its that good!!)...
    But the "bad" or in this case "tricky" thing is that my method is totally counterintuitive because at first it seems you are going to spend more every month (to be honest, in my personal case you seem to spend an extra 3.08% monthly in interest rates, but since I am killing the principal way faster, I pay about 78% less interest over the life of the debt), so is like focusing only on a tree and not seeing the entire forest.

    Due to the counterintuitive nature of the method, an ebook alone would not be helpful to people, so I decided to turn my spreadsheets into a web based app (no virus, compatibility, or installation issues for users as well as no piracy like spreadsheets) where they will simply login, enter the information of their card debts like balance, APR, monthly required minimum, etc and the app creates a step-by-step plan for them to print out and follow exactly. Users will know exactly how much will they pay and save as well as when they will kill the debt. Even if they did not read the ebook, they can kill their debts. Besides to make everything still more clear for customers, I am in the process of creating some videos as well as some narrated explanations.

    Also, I improved my original idea by adding the chance for customers to create "virtual debtor teams" to achieve their goals faster by reducing operational costs like I did teaming with my friends in real life.

    I expect all this software and web apps to be finished by the middle of August, maybe earlier.

    But now here are the questions I would like to ask you in your experience as affiliate marketers so that I can create the ideal product:

    Assuming a public price of about $50 USD with a 50% CB commission for you, do you think it could be a fair price to ensure a nice amount of sales, or should I lower the price a little bit and would that increase sales volume?

    Could a partial demo of the method (just outlining the amount of money you could save on your own personal debt case and when would you finish paying
    it but no instructions on how to do it) help increase conversions or better keep people interested by the product description itself with some verifiable examples? (I think the later would help increase sales because lots of people just kick the tires and never actually buy)

    Should I stick to Clickbank only?

    Any other things I should consider or tips you can provide?

    Now about my offer: if you like my product idea and want to be one of the "insiders" who are the first to market something, just simply follow me on Twitter at or PM me here, this twitter account I created it just for you to follow the development of this and get ready to market.

    To all of you who actively participate, follow me or show me in anyway that you are serious marketers who could help me drive sales, I will give all the materials and access free for you as a token of my appreciation so you can kick the tires and see its something real and a great moneymaker. I am definitely interested in benefiting all of us.

    By the way, if you can start driving the interest of prospects or lining up possible customers that would buy asap from day one, it would have a better long-term impact, since one of the success aspects of the virtual debtors team requires having many people inside from the early beggining (else it would seem not so useful, like IM would be useless without other users with whom to chat), its way more beneficial to get people to buy and signup in-mass as much as possible, instead of waiting some weeks for other users to buy and join.

    Maybe we could have two separate pricing strategies for this? Maybe if customers from your mailing list buy from you they get a lower price than the regularly advertised one? (this would also add value to your mailing list)

    So that is it for now, sorry for the long message, its just that I
    wanted to share everything right now to start working on a great marketing and launch strategy. If you think we could work as a team and feel the need to open an online project forum, etc to work together and hone our ideas so that is "our product" insted of "my product" let me know via PM or Twitter how we could improve the process of finishing and launching the product.

    Thanks for reading this message, I am for real and if you want to talk to me via Skype or email, let me know, I want to partner seriously with great marketers like the ones I have found here. Hope I did not confuse you with all my words here, English is not my native language.

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    yeah interesting but sounds like an ad to me..hehe..
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    Hi Sorry, if it sounds like an add, its just that I think I need to explain my idea before people want to work with me, sorry if it came that way.

    Thanks for your comments!