Professional xrumer service - 10 thousand verified and valid forum backlinks!

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May 24, 2009
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Get massive amount of backlinks, better search engine rankings & hundreds, even thousands visitors a day.

Main benefits of using this xrumer service:

As many as 10 thousand verified forum posts

What does ‘verified post' mean? After posting I will run software to search for your messages in forums so in your report you will see only verified posts, which are actually live at the moment the software is searching for your posts.

All links are working! No broken BB-code links!

If you have used other xrumer services, you may know that many posted links end up in forums, guestbooks or blogs which do not allow html and BB-code anchor text, and as a result there are plenty of broken links!

Only unique domain names.

Every forum post comes from different forums. I have cleared all my DB of duplicated links.

Furthermore I will describe what this service is not:

*Your message will not be posted to guestbooks, blogs or forums with broken links.

*You will not see a BB code that is not working in your messages.

*You will not receive links in report that point nowhere.

Every single link will point directly to your forum post with your backlinks. After a blast I will provide you with a report with direct links to your forum posts.


PM me for payment details

Turnaround time 24-48H

What I need after you order my xrumer service:

* Your website's url

* Your post
* Your post title (no more than 60 characters)

In your xrumer post, you will include your backlinks with anchor text in the BB code format.

Send all information to [email protected]
PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE for additional information and post samples. Also there are examples how to prepare posts in spun format to avoid of duplicated posts.

Contact me:
Send PM or contact me directly via ICQ 594878091

Refund Policy:
Refunds will be given only if it is proven that the service is not as described. Or In case you do not receive a report within 72 hours of ordering.

Q: Is this blackhat, and can I get banned by search engines?

A: Yes it is blackhat SEO. No, there is no way you can get banned by search engines. Search engines ban for on-page, shady SEO, like keyword stuffing, etc, but not for off-page SEO. I offer off-page SEO service. In other words, do you really think I can ban whatever website I wish with my xrumer copy??? The answer obviously is NO! I can't ban every website on the Internet, nor can anyone else. Simple as that.

Q: How is money made with this?

This service is mainly for SEO purposes. My xrumer service increases backlinks, improves search engine rankings, and, as a result, you get more organic traffic. Once you have targeted traffic, the chances that you will make money are much better.

Q: Are you selling this anywhere else?

A: Yes I sell my service also via website, for $55 but for BHW members I offer reduced price $49

Q: What payment methods you accept?

A: I accept only paypal.
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I will take a reveiw copy please. I will give an honest and forthcoming reveiw and post it here on BHW.
I have pmed you with the details. Thanks, reveiw and rep will be given.:)
I will give review for members with 100+ posts and reputation 10+
@twix70 I will give review to you I already have all details I need.
DrJekyll Please send all required details to my email [email protected]
1 more review copy left

Please do not send your campaign details via PM instead send to [email protected]
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I fullfil the criteria and sent you the details, 1st I think, do I not qualify?
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Ill take a review copy let me know what you need bud
some of you people are freekin cheap, just pay for the service and do a review on the service. some of you expect to get everything for have to give in order to receive...i really didn't want to say that but i see the same people all over asking for free reviews, its annoying.
Okay. I was fortunate enough to get a reveiw copy. I contacted the op with my details. He replied quickly and asked me to clarify something. I did this and he went on to do the blast.
I don't know about you but I would always prefer someone to check they were giving exactly what was asked for. So I count this as a big tick for the service!
I have been away from my computer( I am in Europe if this makes a difference), when I returned I had a pm telling me the blast had been done and to check my email.
This was timed 2 and 1/2 hours after the blast was started so another tick there for speed. I will check the report and let the forum know later as it's early morning here.
As a quick summation the service has been quick with good communication skills. I checked my backlinks with and the seo toolbar prior to the blast and it showed 332 so I will keep this thread updated.
So far then 10 out of 10!
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As a quick add-on to my previous post I received to my email inbox the rar file containing the details of the blast. The email says there are 13k succesfull and valid posts. I will keep this thread updated.
So far so good!
Op gave me a review of his service i told him ive never done anything with xrumer before he helped me out and answered all my questions. He answers his emails super fast too wich i really like! Op has a great service at a great price!

Ok, OP had no Idea of how I am going to do my review.

I waited almost a day since he ran my project on a brand new domain wordpress blog.

(yes I switched the privacy settings)

OP gave over 15k links.

I checked them today with sweetfunny's backlink checker found here:

Out of 15359 14744 were found.

so total links that have not been deleted are 14744.

I will be back next week and let you know how many links are still live.

My website is not indexed yet, which I can normally do within a few hours. So this is kind of interesting as the links are obviously not spidered yet.

Overall, fast delivery, over delivered, and so far satisfactory.

Unfortunately sticking rates will depend on my message, so if they decrease I will post my message also so you can judge by that. (this is for a non monetized site, so am hoping for better sticking rate) .
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