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Dec 1, 2017
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  • Number of Articles with word counts
  • Special Instructions (if any)

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Thread Approved

For the review, I asked @The Scribbler to have one of his writers write an article for me between 500-1000 words. The details of my review are below.

Service Highlights
  • There was 0% plagiarism, according to the checker I used.
  • There weren't any real errors detected by Grammarly (one was detected, but it was just a spelling variant).
  • The article included the keyword I sent the seller.
  • As for the article's quality, it started off a bit rocky and most of the issues I listed below are actually from the introduction of the article. The article's body was surprisingly decent considering the price point of this service, and I was able to read through it just fine.
What Could Use Improvement
  • The article had the usual problems I've come to expect from content writing services at this price point. This includes missing determiners, using the wrong verb tense, a few spelling errors, redundant words. Although, there weren't a whole lot of these issues.
  • During the review, the seller came off as very risk-averse, something that makes me very dubious about their business acumen.
Additional Information
  • I'm aware that the seller's sales graphic is poorly written. The seller wrote it himself (or rather re-wrote it as I made him re-write the original version before we started the review), and I'm sure you can guess why based on that second improvement point. I'm hoping that the seller has one of their writers re-write the sales thread for them in the future.
  • The article had 1,010 words, slightly more than the 1,000-word cap I provided. I didn't really care to list this under the improvement section since it's a fairly minor issue and some of you may even appreciate received a little bit extra content.
For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
Thank You @Zwielicht Sir for the Thread approval and reviews. Sure, I'll improve the highlighted areas in our service. :)
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Special Offer for BHW members!!!
10 REVIEW COPIES available now for Jr. VIP and above.
(each of 500 words)
I was lucky enough to get a free review copy of this service.
Seller followed the instructions as said.
There were no grammatical mistakes in the article.
Vocabulary used was also good.
Delivered to me within 12 hrs of order.
Overall, excellent service at a price offered.
I recieved my review copy within 15 hours of giving my details to OP. I received a 500words article, the topic I gave was a bit tricky but OP did a fine job of coming up with an article on the topic. Communication was perfect throughout and the content I recieved had no grammatical errors and will go straight to my money site!

For the price this service is offered, you can't really go wrong here. Will be ordering more in the future!

Good luck mate!
I got a review copy from the OP, and considering the cheap price it's totally fine. I requested a seo article, and told the op that I dont give a damn about the user engagement, make it seo optimized, squeze as many info about the topic as he can. He did a good job, my article is seo optimized, informative and more than 100 words longer than I expected. The TAT was also very fast. The seller was kind, and communicated efficiently. There was a hiccup with the delivery but it was sorted out quickly. I have seen others charge 6 times more for the same quality.
I received a review copy from OP and here is my review.

Article Quality:

I gave a topic related to crypto and got a decent article. The article had 650 words and proper research was done. There are no grammatical mistakes.


Op was very much responsive. He kept me updated about the work during process.


TAT was less than 24 hours. If you need an article in hurry, you should give this service a try.

Verdict: Good service with excellent support. Recommended.
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I got a review copy from OP.

He delivered me 650 words of content based on the keyword I provided.


Insanely fast which is a good and a bad thing at this kind of services. It took him about 24 hours to deliver this.


I was constantly being updated on what is going on. Not many people do this so it's a plus for sure. Quiet responsive as well.


Decent research was done based on the topic I provided. I can't say the same about grammar. but you get what you pay for. Am not sure which "package" OP provided as review but the grammar was a bit off (could be better). Some sentences sounded "unnatural" meaning better words could have been used. Content was 100% unique.

I would personally use this on web 2.0s. Thanks for letting me review this.
Got Review Copy from OP.

TAT was very quick. OP deivered article very fast which is good. OP was very responsive throughout.

Article was nicely written with good research.

Considering price it is a good service.
My Honest Review:
I got my order delivered by OP after a little chats regarding my requirements, so far here are the details of what I received and my experience with such a content writing service;
If am to rate the communication we went through with OP, i would say its 10/10 am very glad with the super fast reply and the professional ways of OP's communication skills. am sure you will want such a great 1.
Delivery & TAT
After I gave OP the details for my review copy, giving him a little decent topic to write about, I receive my 636 words freshly, well professional written articles with awesome quality as according to copyscape it reported 100% original, and grammerly have not suggest even a single spelling errors but of course it recommend 1 word choice which am sure it did not go with the tone of the article; so the overall score for grammerly is 99% :).
So I decided to put this great article in my own money site of course to have the benefits:p, I actually recommend this super strong service to every one who needs the best article but on a low budget. Thanks OP and i will surely come for more articles.
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