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Professional Cash Stealing Affiliates Income

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by bobmarleyfans, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. bobmarleyfans

    bobmarleyfans Newbie

    Apr 12, 2013
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    I am writing this so that my fellow affiliates can beware of this and won't loose their hard earned money

    I have various affiliate websites,one of them is a records search portal which drives decent traffic and i have used Professionalcash program to promote their services.

    I have used their services for more than one period and everything goes normal until last month.Last month i have witnessed reduced almost zero sales everyday, initially i assumed that ,it may due to various reasons but after passing more time(a month) ,i have concluded that ,there will be a serious problem.

    I have checked the daily traffic and its fine,i have checked the order form impressions and that it was almost zero.So i have tried to make a test order and figure out the issue.Later what i have found was is really shocking,all of my affiliateids replaced with some other one(I thought it was a commission steal by other member) but then i reverse searched the particular ID and found that,it was belongs to the merchant itself.That means,the merchant(professionalcash) itself started stealing my affiliate commissions.

    So i have decided to migrate to the other similar programs in Clickbank but not found good one ,but failed.Finally i have found and now promoting Archives using CJ.The programs pays only 50% (While the previous program paid,75% programs,and the present programs have limited promotional schemes)But something is better than nothing.Now my sales are back.

    I didn't write the complaint about this program with the clickbank but very soon i will write a detailed email or copy of this content.
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