Product + Membership site strategy - Upsell rebill, or free bonus to reduce refunds?

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    About a year ago I bought Meathead's Warrior Cash book. My project got back burnered when I got distracted with some of my sites that started earning and consuming my time. I finally, after a couple of false starts, have been working towards actually completing the product and launching, with a target launch time frame of October. I've actually written content and produced videos, written my sales page, and built the initial website, so that's progress :) Setting a launch deadline has helped me just get it done.

    What I want to try to do is extend the life and market of the product. So, I'm building a membership site that will have a private forum and drip fed videos I'm making that walk through how to do the stuff in the e-book.

    I'm wondering what people have had most success with as far as a strategy. I'm looking to launch this as a WSO, and then sometime thereafter or maybe at the same time on Clickbank. So, I could either offer the membership as an upsell with a rebill for say $27 a month or something, or I could offer the membership and videos as a free bonus for the e-book and use it as an incentive to sell the book. I'm planning to try an approach of making this a little more "expensive" e.g. the e-book will be like $147 on Clickbank. I'm hoping to achieve two things by doing that: 1. incentivize affiliates by offering a lot of potential commission at 75%. 2. Set it apart. I make high quality stuff, and it should be priced appropriately. Its not a 7 page e-book, but basically a bible size book.

    Maybe my pricing strategy is off. Part of me is thinking charge a lot for the book and give the membership/videos as free bonus to add value and also keep people hooked for at least 60 days. Although, I really want to believe the product will be of such high quality that nobody will refund it, realistically I know no matter how good it is there are people out there who will do it anyway. But maybe if they are sufficiently interested in the videos it will cut down on this. I'm not sure how much I could charge for the rebill. Maybe $47/month?

    Or, do I just price it at what I think is a fair value and let the market react?